the invitation

The constitutional convention will meet in its first plenary session in late January and intends to meet on at least 8 Saturdays through 2013 to conduct its business.

the other sixty six propose to meet on the same days as the convention, and to conduct its own creative parallel process, considering the same questions as the convention, or other tasks as it sees fit. The intention is that the other sixty six be a self-determining and self-organising process, but Jeffrey Gormly will offer his services as Social Choreographer/Artistic Director to facilitate the first gathering of the ensemble.

We invite individuals of fourteen years and older to volunteer to become one of the other sixty six. We are personally inviting 33 artists/activists/citizens and seek to make up the other sixty six with volunteers. You will engage in a process that might include drawing, talking, writing, theatre games, 3D modelling, art processes, dancing, and who knows what else as this initiative evolves.

To get on board, request a registration form from the email address below. We will accept the first 66 completed registration forms, and another 33 as first reserves.

Reserves come on the day to make up the numbers lost through cancellation or non-appearance, and will also be invited to act as assistants to the process, including helping set up spaces, and witnessing the process as it unfolds. It is possible to sign up directly as a reserve if you have a specific interest in observing, assisting, witnessing, or documenting the process.

theothersixtysix [at] yahoo [dot] ie


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