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About theotherninetynine

an alternative to the irish constitutional convention - a self-organised creative process - thinking a new republic of ireland

personal statement

 i love ireland

my desire for this work

is to be involved in a situation

where people join them selves with their creativity,

and let it flow;

join their creativity to their desire,

and express themselves;

and I say this desire is the fundamental movement in politics –

our own desires for our selves, our families,

our homes, our peoples,

our lands, our worlds;

so we join we our creativity to our desire, and let it flow,

and express ourselves, and work through these desires;

rather than taking up positions and holding to them,

we allow them to move, change,

and grow with each other;

and there be solidarity between us,

the solidarity of artist|citizens –

solidarity in each making an effort to join with their creativity –

to join with what’s on their insides, and let it flow out

into expression on the outside:

each person’s creative expression is unique to them,

and not to be judged;

that offering that expression

to the social creative process of the other sixty six

 (the other republic)

sends that expression out to move,

change, be changed,

dance, with other expressions;

ie it is given freedom;

yes, maybe the other sixty six

is about discovering and cultivating

unique and maybe temporary

forms of freedom

                                                                                                                                        jeffrey gormly



are you one of the other 66?

“In the next few weeks, a polling company acting for the Government will choose 66 names from the electoral register. These people will be broadly representative of the electorate as a whole in terms of region, gender, social class and age. The Government’s idea is that they will be joined by 33 politicians to form a constitutional convention.”

so what if another 66 came together?

what if they were a freewheeling, self-organising, creatively empowered gathering?

what might happen then?

add a comment below to join the other 66