are you one of the other 66?

“In the next few weeks, a polling company acting for the Government will choose 66 names from the electoral register. These people will be broadly representative of the electorate as a whole in terms of region, gender, social class and age. The Government’s idea is that they will be joined by 33 politicians to form a constitutional convention.”

so what if another 66 came together?

what if they were a freewheeling, self-organising, creatively empowered gathering?

what might happen then?

add a comment below to join the other 66


3 thoughts on “are you one of the other 66?

  1. Dominic Campbell

    I am interested in participating. To do so must I a) have been born on this island b)carry an Irish passport c) be resident here d)contribute to the economy or e) are there are any other qualifying criteria?

    1. theotherninetynine Post author

      we have no criteria as yet.
      we’re working on a registration form that will gather any information we need
      as all gatherings will take place in Ireland next year i don’t foresee any criteria applying but ability to attend.
      and that’s up to you


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